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Get Ripped Abs
The Basic Essentials To Getting Ripped Abs

In talking with a number of fitness coaches/trainers, about what most clients are looking for, it appears that good abdominals are very high on the list of body shaping/fitness goals. For those that are really concerned about their body's appearance, great looking abdominals have become almost a cultural obsession. As the center or focal point of our physique, six-pack, or slim flat abdominals say a lot about our fitness and strength.

That's why ripped abs are so sexy and have been described by some as the "holy grail" of fitness. As we've said before, you can have bulging biceps and triceps, broad shoulders or a gorgeous slim tanned build, but nothing quite matches a flat firm stomach (for a woman) and lean rippling abs (for a man) when it comes to desirable bodies.

Now along with the "wow factor" of great looking abs, a well sculpted midsection provides many other health benefits. These include a stronger back, with less back aches and problems, plus better performance for those who are athletes.

Now let's start dispelling a few popular myths about developing ripped abs and get straight to the heart of what works and what doesn't:

Ripped abs are created by getting lean and removing the fat from over the abdominal area, not by simply adding more muscle to this area. The key to getting your existing abs to shine through is to lower your total body fat. Trying to "spot remove" body fat from over the abdominals alone, simply will not work.

Fact is, everyone has the same set of muscles round their abdomen that turn into a six pack when their overall body fat is low enough and the muscles are properly exercised. That's simply what occurs when you do things the right way - you get ripped abs.

Many people don't understand that you create six pack abs by getting lean and not simply by adding more muscle. The key to having your upper and lower abs shining through is the right diet and the right exercise system. Endless and boring repetitive cardio exercise routines are actually not the best way to get rid of that excess body fat to reveal six-pack abs.

It's been said that "Abs are created more in the kitchen than in the gym!" You may have heard that before, and there's a lot of truth in it. Obviously we "are what we eat and drink" and the best nutrition we can give ourselves comes in the form of natural foods. The less processed the better.

You DON'T need to spend money on high-priced weight loss or "fat-burner" pills. You don't really need much in the way of supplements at all, if you're eating right. We'll have a top nutritionist trainer who can reveal what IS the right way to eat to achieve ripped abs.

Most gyms will add sit-ups and crunches to your workout program, especially if you say you express your desire to develop your abs. While it may be good to add some of these exercises into your workout program, they are actually two of the least effective exercises for getting lean abs. We can show you what are the BEST ab revealing exercises.

The latest ab-gimmicks, ab machines and ab contraptions that are peddled, mainly via infomercial, will not give you the abs you want. Most of them are a complete waste of money, and each season "they" come out with new ab-fads to part people from their money. Their ads are very professional, with great looking fitness models, but that's NOT the way to great abs, despite their convincing testimonials.

Let us help you avoid any more days of frustration at the gym, by showing you the RIGHT strategies for both diet and exercise that REALLY work. Our highest recommendation is for the "Truth about Six Pack Abs" system as it gives you the most complete and honest guide to developing the ultimate set of six pack abs, or flat lean abdominals.

Source: Original article by Richard Beale July 2008

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